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Создана командой терминала: $ grub-mknetdir –help
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grub-mknetdir –help Usage: grub-mknetdir [OPTION…]

  1. compress[=no,xz,gz,lzo] compress GRUB files [optional]

  2. d, –directory=DIR use images and modules under DIR


  1. fonts=FONTS install FONTS [default=unicode]

  2. install-modules=MODULES install only MODULES and their dependencies


  1. k, –pubkey=FILE embed FILE as public key for signature checking
    1. locale-directory=DIR use translations under DIR


  1. locales=LOCALES install only LOCALES [default=all]

  2. modules=MODULES pre-load specified modules MODULES

  3. themes=THEMES install THEMES [default=starfield]

  4. v, –verbose print verbose messages.
    1. core-compress=xz|none|auto

choose the compression to use for core image

  1. net-directory=DIR root directory of TFTP server

  2. subdir=DIR relative subdirectory on network server

  3. ?, –help give this help list
    1. usage give a short usage message

  4. V, –version print program version

Mandatory or optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or optional for any corresponding short options.

Prepares GRUB network boot images at net_directory/subdir assuming net_directory being TFTP root.

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