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Tag Plugin

tag wiki pages

$tag = plugin_load('helper', 'tag');


Descriptionreturns the header for the tags column for pagelist
Return valueheaderstring


Descriptionreturns the tag links of a given page
Return valuelinksstring


Descriptiongenerates tag links for given words
Return valuelinksstring


Descriptionreturns a list of pages tagged with the given keyword
Parametersnamespace (optional)string
number (not used)integer
tag (required)string
Return valuepagesarray


Descriptionrefines an array of pages with tags
Parameterspages to refinearray
refinement tagsstring
Return valuepagesarray


Descriptionreturns a list of tags with their number of occurrences
Parameterslist of tags to get the occurrences forarray
namespaces to which the search shall be restrictedarray
if all tags shall be returned (then the first parameter is ignored)boolean
if the namespaces shall be searched recursivelyboolean
Return valuetagsarray

Popularity Feedback Plugin

Send anonymous data about your wiki to the DokuWiki developers

$popularity = plugin_load('helper', 'popularity');


DescriptionCheck if autosubmit is enabled
Return valueresultbool


DescriptionSend the popularity data


DescriptionGather the popularity data
Return valuedatastring


DescriptionCompute the last time popularity data was sent
Return valuedataint

Pagelist Plugin

Lists pages in a nice formatted way

$pagelist = plugin_load('helper', 'pagelist');


Descriptionadds an extra column for plugin data
Parametersplugin namestring
column keystring


Descriptionoverrides standard values for showfooter and firstseconly settings
Return valuesuccessboolean


Descriptionprepares the table header for the page list


Descriptionadds a page to the list
Parameterspage attributes, 'id' required, others optionalarray


Descriptionreturns the XHTML output
Return valuexhtmlstring

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